Financial Infidelity What Is It

Although many are not familiar with the term financial infidelity, it has increasingly become a problem in many households across America. So what exactly is financial infidelity? Financial Infidelity occurs when one person in a committed relationship spends or hides money without disclosing it to their partner.

Like sexual infidelity, financial infidelity can destroy one’s marriage. Money problems are known to be one of the leading contributors to divorce. Financial infidelity happens to be at the top of the list of money problems that lead to divorce. Shockingly, Jennifer Brand, a family law specialist in Philadelphia, stated -I see more cases of divorce caused by financial infidelity than I do from sexual infidelity.-

So how many people out there are actually lying to their spouses about money? The numbers are surprisingly high. In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, the following results were revealed:

Approximately 1 out of 3 people admit to lying to their partners about finances
One in Four people state that their partners have withheld financial information
Three out of Four people surveyed stated that they fight at least occasionally about money
One in Four adults believe that financial infidelity is worse than sexual infidelity
96% of the group surveyed reported that it is both partners’ responsibility to be completely honest about financial issues.

The results indicate that financial infidelity is a serious problem. As one can imagine, any form of dishonesty in a relationship can lead to serious trust issues. Those trust issues can ultimately break down the emotional connection needed to make a relationship last. The reality is that the effects of financial infidelity on a relationship are no different and oftentimes worse than sexual infidelity. If you are having a problem with being completely honest around your finances with your partner or are having problems getting over financial infidelity in your relationship, you should consider working with a financial therapist.

Nikiya Spence is a licensed psychotherapist, certified money coach, and speaker. Nikiya specializes in helping individuals and couples transform their relationship with money. Visit her website at or call 770-638-7145 for a free 30-minute no obligation consultation.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Maintaining Data Through Excel

Excel is a great method of information and database management that is being used by almost all companies big or small. This kind of a job is mostly performed by excel experts, who can either be outsourced or can be an employee of your company, but before you select one , you must ensure that he has adequate knowledge about the subject and is able to professionally develop the database of your company. If the database of your company is handled by any non- professional excel consultant, then there is a fair chance of typical problems to arise.

The major advantage of using Excel is, it does not require any additional software to be installed in your computer, your computer is likely already equipped with Microsoft Office and can immediately start your programming process. Excel is easy to use, user friendly, and most people can get in and review the spreadsheet and make simple changes, in the absence of excel consultant. In case, when the records of your company grows huge, in such situation the excel applications can be easily upgraded into access, oracle or SQL server. Database stored in excel can easily be integrated into pivot tables, by just connecting it directly to OLAP database.

Being rich in financial modules, the expert hired by you to take care of excel, does not have to create separate financial modules. Excel can perform many financial functions which includes, fixed assets depreciation. Excel is also very portable, this ensures that the data can be easily sent to other offices, at different location through e-mail. In case, while e-mailing the excel database, you have accidentally sent it to a person who is not authorized, in such a situation the problem can be solved by applying a password protection to the document. This password will protect your database from unauthorized usage.

Along with the various advantages, maintaining database using excel application also has certain disadvantages. The disadvantages are not so serious that you cannot work around them, and can be minimized. In case when the file containing the database becomes very large, then there is a chance your program will run very slow. This is the reason that the excel experts make the program compact or store each applications in different files, the smaller the files the faster the execution. Many times by dividing the database into several files there is a high chance that the excel files might get lost in the hard drive. Excel worksheet has a limited number of rows, this is the reason that the excel consultants convert the database into access when the database crosses the limit of 65,000 lines.

Outsourcing the job can be a cheaper option, but if you have an in house Excel expert you can always maintain constant support in handling routine problems. For larger problems, an outside Excel consultant may be helpful.

Investments The Right Vision for Financial Freedom

Your vision for financial freedom may make you wonder what can be the best opportunities for you to go for and get the things right! I would say that having money saved up, and seeing it grow all the time is one way towards making your vision for financial freedom come true. This doesnt mean that you live your life austerely at the present. Instead, good planning is what should be on the cards.

Proper Financial Planning?

Yes, that is the key. Almost every person starts with a separate bank account towards saving cash initially in their lives, and this never takes them far. The problem is, you will always have something to purchase and spend your money on as long as you have liquid cash available for yourself, at least this is how it works with most people. To be able to see real savings, a secured investment plan is what works.

So start with your plans. How much money do you need each month to support yourself, comfortably but not luxuriously? How much is left from your salary or daily income after that? Divide this remainder in two parts so that the bulk goes towards the secured long term investments while a bit of the remainder stays in your “savings” bank account to cater to any requirements or necessity that you may suddenly come across.

The Investments

Now there are a huge number of investment options. You can go for investments that will mature and offer you the returns after a short while (like a year), or you may go for longer terms as well. And of course there are plans that will let you get your money back even earlier! It all depends on how much returns you want, and how long you may afford to pay towards the premiums.

To fulfill your vision for financial freedom, you need to be assured of the fact that even after you have retired, you must have a monthly (or other periodic) source of income, and see money come in to support you regularly. These are called the pension plans and annuities, and are generally the very long term investments. They are very safe and you may expect complete peace of mind when you retire.

And you may also think about growing your money in the bank and live on the interests derived from it later on. That is also a good option. Consider all these possibilities and options and make sure you do your calculations right. I would personally advice you to speak to an investment company on this, and then decide what may prove to be the best option for you for building your way towards your vision for financial freedom.

day loans A Financial Bliss

day loans, as the very name suggests, are short-term loans sanctioned for a limited tenure of three months or ninety days. Undoubtedly, life of an individual becomes challenging with fixed monthly salary and never ending expenses. There are times when you run short of money and waiting for next day becomes difficult let alone the next payday. It is here in a situation like this these loans come to your rescue. With easy availability and fast sanctioning of funds, these loans have crafted a unique place in the market.

If you are someone living a life tagged with blemished tags and feel hesitant to apply in fear of getting rejected then apply for these loans without even giving a second thought. These loans can be applied by all no matter whether good creditor or bad creditor. Your tainted tags such as bankruptcy, arrears, individual voluntary arrangements, county court judgments, late or skipped payments or insolvency will no more prevent you from enjoying the benefits of this loan.

Funds are sanctioned depending upon your repaying ability and financial status. While filling up the online loan application, make sure you fill up the details accurately and completely with desired amount. Online appliance interface makes the entire loan application procedure easy and hassle free. With so many options to choose from you are sure to find a deal that goes well with your needs and pocket.

Being short-term and unsecured in nature, these loans carry high interest rates. Plus, if you fail to pay off the loan amount within specified time, you may have to pay off additional charges as penalty. However, paying off loan amount within due time would help enhance your otherwise poor credit history. In fact, it is the timely availability of funds that makes this loan facility a popular choice amongst loan seekers.

90 day loans are a key to end up financial trauma and fulfill all your unexpected needs and desires. You have complete freedom to spend the acquired cash the way you want. You can use it to pay off pending storage bills, credit card bills, weekly petrol bills, debt consolidation, electricity bills, meet wedding expense, throw a birthday party, home renovation or get a damaged car repaired.

Robin Chhabra and Sameer Patel Vs. The Financial Services Authority (the FSA).

In its Decision published on 11 January 2010, the Tribunal has found on the balance of probabilities that Mr Chhabra, whilst an analyst at Evolution Securities, passed price sensitive information to Mr Patel, an experienced spread bettor.
Mr Chhabra and Mr Patel maintain they did not engage in market abuse.

Mr Patel was a prolific trader especially in the stocks concerned. He provided evidence to the FSA that he had legitimate reasons to bet on these stocks in the direction, the size and at the time he did. The Tribunal itself accepted that some of the characteristics of these bets were consistent with Mr Patels general trading strategy. The FSA also inferred that Mr Chhabra was in possession of price sensitive information when Mr Patel placed his bets when much of the evidence suggested otherwise.

Furthermore the FSA and the Tribunal have reached their decisions even after accepting that Mr Chhabra did not benefit financially from Mr Patels trading. Mr Chhabra had no reason to jeopardise his reputation and career by behaving in the way that the FSA allege.

Despite having investigated the matter for nearly 5 years, the FSA failed to produce any firm evidence to support their case. The evidence against Mr Patel and Mr Chhabra is circumstantial, and exists alongside other evidence which suggests the contrary. Not one email, phone call recording, witness statement or evidence of financial dealings between Mr Chhabra and Mr Sameer Patel has been produced which bears out the FSAs view.

With less than a week before the hearing before the Tribunal to determine penalty, the FSA petitioned the Tribunal to more than double the penalty that the FSA themselves had originally decided. By proceeding to the penalty hearing, Mr Chhabra and Mr Patel would have exposed themselves to intolerable financial risk in addition to the penalties originally proposed. The FSA has now accepted that the original penalties stand, but only in return for Mr Chhabra and Mr Patel giving up their statutory right to appeal.

This tactic may discourage potentially meritorious applicants taking their cases to the Tribunal in the future. Applicants could face the jeopardy of the FSA petitioning for a higher fine than originally imposed if they proceeded to defend themselves.

Three Common Franchising Disadvantages That Do Not Always Hold True

Every type of business format has its own ups and downs, and franchises for sale are no exceptions. However, nothing in the business world is absolute; theres always a grey line between what works and what doesnt. People have developed unfavorable notions about franchising as it evolved, most of which are based on general experiences which, logically speaking, dont necessarily apply to everybody. Here are four disadvantages of franchising and why they may not always hold true:

1.Needs Industry Expertise to Make It Work
Having a background in your chosen industry is an added advantage, but its not always a requisite. Youre always free to explore new fieldsones that interest you and you reasonably believe can bring you more income. Dont shy away from big opportunities just because youre not familiar with them. Theres your franchisor to teach you everything you need to know in running your business. Moreover, if you take time to find trustworthy and competent people to work for you, the higher your odds of succeeding will be.

2.Very Time-Consuming This isnt entirely true. There are franchise concepts intended for people who want to pursue their career track and own a business at the same time. Some franchise owners are passive earners rather than full-time managers, too. Moreover, some franchises in the service and B2B sector follow regular operation hours with weekends off. Its really just a matter of finding the right franchise that suits your lifestyle preference.

3.No Freedom. Corporate Rules. Consistency matters a lot in franchising because a subsidiarys performance affects peoples overall perception of the brand. This makes it necessary for mother firms to minimize deviations as much as possible. Theyll implement the basics and everything else thats been proven to work: the formulas, protocols, uniforms, signage, etc. (these are indicated in the contract). Most forward-thinking companies, though, are open to new ideas and its all up to you to conceptualize ways to improve your business and share it to the corporate. Nonetheless, keep this in mind: a well-meaning franchisor will want you to grow because if you do, they will too.

Instead of letting general notions influence your decision on whether or not to pursue franchising, why not explore franchises for sale first before you judge them by face value. By allowing misperceptions to cloud your judgment, you may be missing out on an opportunity thats both financially and personally gratifying.

Recovery in a Tough Economic Climate

The current economic slowdown has forced Canadian companies of all sizes to face the unwelcome reality of unpaid invoices or bad debts. Debt recovery can be a problem. Negotiating for debt recovery on your own can be problematic and ineffective.

Some companies operate exclusively using electronic payments, letters of credit or C.O.D. deliveries. Not all businesses can function using these methods exclusively or at all. There is another challenging level of challenge involved in dept recovery.

Consider the following story. A lumberyard sells a truckload of lumber to a general contractor to renovate a new restaurant. No documentation is exchanged between the two companies or the restaurant. The general contractor was given thirty days after the delivery to make a payment. The thirty days have come and gone and the lumberyard has not received a payment. Weekly phone calls are not effective in stimulating a willingness to pay because of the restaurants undisclosed financial difficulties that the restaurant is experiencing. Each conversation becomes increasingly heated causing tempers to flair on both sides.

What to do? Typically, the next step is for the lumberyard to prepare a stern “demand letter. However, such a letter may progressively alienate the customer making matters worse. If there is a problem with the accuracy of the name of the company and names of the owners further complications can ensue.

We recommend that Canadian Corporate Legal Services be brought in at this stage stimulate an amicable negotiation for dept recovery. Our first step in negotiating debt recovery would be to build a detailed file with all pertinent details. This may include yes; credit history, review of debtors actions in connection to this latest debt, names of those involved, exact company names, details of the goods supplied, taxes levied and times of shipping and receipt. Next, we would call the owner of the general contractor and establish a cordial working rapport. Politely but firmly we would indicate that we are acting on behalf of the lumberyard and were preparing to take the matter to court in a predetermined period of days. Emphasizing that the lumberyard has supplied a needed component of the restaurant. We would also appeal to the owner to arrange for payment in a timely and workable timeframe and point out that he might be liable to our client as well. If these calls fail, a demand letter is sent to the restaurant indicating the commencement of legal action. All these efforts are meticulously recorded. Generally, we achieve positive results without the need to go to court. If there is need we have the expertise to proceed quickly and successfully.

Canadian Corporate Legal Services has been actively involved in debt collections for over 20 years. Collectively, we have over 70 years of experience in helping companies negotiate and collect what is owed to them while preserving customer good will and a positive corporate image.

How To Counter Banshee Rush – Starcraft 2 Terran Vs Terran Strategy

A Banshee rush can be extremely annoying and cause you to lose focus on build and fall behind in the macro game. This will almost assuredly lead to a loss later in the game. To prevent this, try out this build order to get counter a Banshee rush and stop worrying about early pressure.

Banshees are light air units that can only attack ground. They do a huge amount of damage though, taking out Marines and SCVs in just 2 shots. One of the best counters that Terran has to a Banshee rush is getting an early Thor out. Thors do a lot of damage to light air units and can take out a Banshee in 3 shots. Plus if you get out your Thor as fast as you can, it will come out around the same time your opponents Banshee does.

If the Terran player researches Cloak you’ll be in for another problem though. Your Thor won’t be able to shoot what it can’t see. To solve this as soon as you know that he’s going to Banshee rush you, stop calling down MULEs from your Command Center. Save up all your energy to scan where the Banshee is so you can shoot it down.

Another option you have is to build an Engineering Bay then put one Missile Turret in your mineral line to protect your economy. Missile Turrets can reveal cloaked units at a longer distance than they can shoot, so if you have one near your Command Center a nearby Thor will be able to help take out a cloaked Banshee no problem.

There are two deadly things that you must steer clear of if you want to effectively counter a Banshee rush. Going overboard with static defenses is the first. If you build a lot of Missile Turrets then you’ve wasted a lot of minerals that you could have spent on units or an expansion.

The worst thing you can do when getting Banshee rushed is to let it affect your macro play. If you get distracted and forget to make SCVs or expand, you’ll fall behind in economy and end up losing the game later on.

Walmart Instant Credit Extend Quick Help

Walmart instant credit has a great and advantageous feature of instant approval. At time of urgent financial requirements; the instant approval acts as a quick remedy. You get the financial assistance on time and can easily fix up your problems. For your convenience and considering your requirement the approval and processing is done really fast and you can grab the funds immediately. You are not required to comply with lengthy formalities and there is no paperwork involved.

Walmart instant credit can be grabbed for fulfilling various requirements. You can cover up various day to day expenses or shop around market, buy gifts, clothes or other useful things and easily scrap off all your bills. If you have to consolidate some existing debts then that is also possible. You can meet up any of your financial requirements or finance your personal need that calls for quick attention. With walmart instant credit, you have total liberty to use funds the way you want.

Walmart instant credit is offered at slightly higher APR. Availing walmart instant credit is not at all a hard nut to crack! The online technology has really simplified things. Now you can easily apply online by filling up a simple application form. The processing starts immediately after form submission. Online process is very quick and hassle free.

A good credit rating may help you get the card approved really fast. Worried about your bad credit? Then you need not worry because walmart instant credit is extended to even bad creditors. If your credit report shows CCJs, IVA, late payments, arrears, defaults and bankruptcy then you can apply for it. Walmart instant credit is provided irrespective of your credit records. Your past credit records will create any problem. So, just dont waste your time in thinking; start acting and quickly apply for walmart instant credit!

Small Installment Loans-Convenient financial assistance for quick relief

Short term and unforeseen financial expenditures often create disturbances in life. The assistance of small installment loans is powerful financial tool that let you arrange the desired loan money with ease and flexibility. Thus, to overcome your financial troubles without undergoing any fuss, check out this monetary aid for better and effortless financial support. It would let you arrange the money for meeting your fiscal troubles at ease.

The assistance of small installment loans is quick and hassle free in nature that helps you to get over your low financial standings with ease. You need not have to arrange any valuable asset to pledge against the loan amount. Funds that you are allowed to borrow can be ranges from $100 to $1500 with swift repayment period of 14 to 31 days. To match up with your financial budget, spend this loan money for meeting any desired purpose such as meeting medical care costs, grocery bills, utility bills, tuition fees of your child, credit card dies etc.

Quickly qualify the mentioned below eligibility criteria to get the assistance of no credit check small loans, such as:

1. Permanent citizenship of US

2. Bank account not more than three months old

3. Regular employment from the past same six months

4. Complete the age of eighteen years or more

5. Earning should be at least $1000 per month

If your credit scores are no so perfect and you are facing some monetary pressures, small installment loans are still for you. There will be no credit pressures. Therefore, even if you are tagged with several bad factors like insolvency, foreclosures, skipped payments, late payments, arrears, defaults etc., you can still enjoy this loan aid. One need not have to face any credit issues at all.

Internet is the great technology that let you enjoy the finance right away with the comfort of your doorway. You need not have to visit to lender to lender in search of the loan deal. PC with internet connection will let you enjoy the loan deal at most reasonable rates. Moreover, application does not demand long hours. Just a single online application form is required to be completed with few personal details. Loan money will transfer in your checking account once you are approved.

In order to remove the financial distress that arises due to shortage of finances, apply with small installment loans for better and swift monetary aid.